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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Words from Getaheadinvestments Founder

Congratulations to the defendants of the universal word "citi", after several cycles of the market, we can now say we belong to that same merry go round.

To all those companies having the word "citi" in their names (special mention: Citilaundry, near Jollibee in Manggahan), UNITE!!!!

You really have to give it to those plaintiffs, even Dwayne Wade got sued for using his own name.

All I can say is, it is darkest before dawn! July 12 will be the New Era for the small investors of the Philippines.


I am such a big fan of Marc Faber. He definitely sounds like Wolfgang Puck fighting it out on the Iron Chef. His theories written in his book Tomorrow's Gold is the bible of village bear. To him, its all about supply and demand. If the US prints too much greenback, it definitely is a bear signal for the currency. And gold! Gold cannot be printed or even synthetically reproduced by man so he is definitely buying his wife tons of it.(Not to mention all the uranium, copper, silver, titanium he has in the fridge. Supply and demand baby!

And I thought his theories are out of the box! I read through the John Mauldin article (called to attention by "Mr. Santos" and summarized by Terence) and I said to myself, Faber is definitely the one inside the box! By saying Mauldin's ideas as out of the box is an understatement - it is out of this world (too much). His ideas are fresh, well-investigated, insightful, and painfully logical. If you really want a balanced view of this crazy market, then you have to check Mauldin's articles as much as Faber's.

How do we strike a balance? I say don't sweat the small stuff. Leave it to Mr. Bernanke to do the balancing act for us(US?).



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