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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Explaining the fear

This blog was created so that the perpetrators of the colfund can voice out their thoughts on the stock market, bonds and other investment ideas. Citisec traders and bosses and whoever are welcome to post their comments, they will be highly appreciated...Why the fear of missing out? Our goal here is to provide returns for the fund, not just returns but spectacular returns. Being traders by nature, we have been trained to avoid losses and be patient to make the profits.. Now that COL is listed, we the managers of the fund have adopted a more aggressive mindset. In the past we have had so many ideas to make money, but just couldn't execute them because of our conservative nature. In the end a lot of them worked out, though not all, and some opportunities were wasted. Now that we have experienced the full cycle of the market... the momentum phase, the euphoria and the crash.. we have learned a lot and opportunities are always there, you just have to be open and flexible enough to execute them (take note flexible: it means we will not abandon our risk management strategies learned as traders). We will learn to use every trick in the book. Here at the COL fund... we can't afford to miss out. TERENCE


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